10 Interesting Facts about English


  1. ‘E’ is the most common letter in the English language.
  2. What’s so special about this sentence? ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. It’s a pangram: it contains all 26 letters of the English alphabet.
  3. There is no word in English that rhymes with ‘month’, ‘orange’, ‘silver’ or ‘purple’.
  4. English is the official language of the airways. All pilots speak English on international flights.
  5. What is the past tense of ‘dare’? Dared! Nope, ‘durst’.
  6. A new word is added to the English language every two hours!
  7. There was no word for the colour orange until 1512. People used the word ‘saffron’ instead.
  8. ‘Schoolmaster’ is an anagram of ‘the classroom’.
  9. ‘Time’ is the most common noun in English.
  10. The day after tomorrow is called ‘overmorrow’.

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