4-3-2 Fluency


Fluency is an important but often overlooked aspect of learning a language. Paul Nation’s 4-3-2 fluency activity is a simple and fun task designed to make each learner more fluent in using language they already know. The activity follows five steps:

  1. Divide learners into pairs.
  2. Assign each pair a familiar and simple topic to talk about (e.g., what each student did at the weekend).
  3. Each learner talks non-stop to his or her colleague for 4 minutes before changing partners.
  4. Have learners repeat the process, but now reduce the talk time down to only 3 minutes. Encourage learners to reproduce all the same information, speeding up in the process.
  5. Learners change partners one last time and repeat the same conversation within a 2 minute time frame.

Provided each design criterion is met, fluency tasks will noticeably reduce hesitation and grammatical errors while simultaneously increasing speed and complexity of production. Learn more here: www.profesorbaker.com/2011/04/02/dr-paul-nation-explains-the-4-3-2-fluency-activity/