Business English

Our business courses are specially designed to provide high quality training for your specific business needs. Courses can be delivered to groups of staff working within a certain department and also on a one-to-one basis for any individuals who are looking to develop their skills further or learn more about carrying out a particular task in English.

Delivered by teachers experienced in working with professionals, the course content will come from a detailed needs analysis. Examples may include:

  • Customer service
  • Creating & delivering presentations
  • Making negotiations
  • Writing letters, emailing & report writing
  • Communicating on the telephone
  • Networking


As well as classroom based learning and where possible, we can help arrange industry visits for students to experience working in a British company and invite guest speakers working within their field, providing further professional input.

Full board residential and homestay accommodation is available throughout the year. If preferred, Chaucer College also has the flexibility to deliver courses to staff in the workplace. We have been known to be found teaching in central head offices, hospitals and even on board ships!

Past Example Courses

General Business English

Course Specification: To improve general English ability to a high level of professionalism

Course Aims:

  • Develop skills for confident communication in a range of business situations & settings
  • Introduce & expand on language structures for communicating with clients & personnel, both professionally & appropriately
  • Provide controlled & free speaking practice opportunities in networking, meetings, negotiations & telephone calls
  • Practice & develop business writing skills in emails, memos, letters & reports
  • Broaden skills in analysing, interpreting & describing data
  • Develop skills in preparing & delivering a presentation

Assessment: Role-play, discussion, oral presentation & written compositions
Course Length & Tuition: 5 days of 30 hours intensive tuition
Example Timetable: Business Course Example

Customer Service Programme

Course Specification: To improve customer service with a high level of professionalism

Course Aims:

  • Build confidence when dealing with native speakers of English
  • Introduce & expand on appropriate language structures when dealing with a customer to maintain a high level of professionalism
  • Improve fluency, intonation & tone of voice to sound helpful & sincere
  • Improve accuracy to create customer confidence
  • Provide controlled & free practice opportunities in the form of role-plays to apply skills

Assessment: Role plays at the end of each unit & end of course
Course Length & Tuition: 5 days of 30 hours intensive tuition
Example Timetable: Customer Service Example Timetable

Presentations & Conferencing

Course Specification:To improve key English academic & business skills for preparing & delivering a conference presentation

Course Aims:

  • Define the purpose of a presentation while considering the audience
  • Develop skills for writing a clear & attractive conference proposal
  • Broaden understanding of planning, structuring & writing a presentation
  • Introduce & expand upon language used in presentations
  • Practice & develop skills in voice projection, using visual aids, body language & audience participation
  • Develop skills in fielding & answering questions
  • Build confidence & professionalism & manage nerves through consistent & monitored presentation practice

Assessment: Formative & summative, based on written work & spoken presentations
Course Length & Tuition: 5 days of 30 hours intensive tuition
Example Timetable: Presentations and Conferencing Timetable