Closed Group Adult Business Courses

At Chaucer College we have the flexibility to provide tailor-made courses to suit student requirements. These business courses are specially designed to provide high quality training for your specific business needs. The course content will come from a detailed needs analysis and could include customer service, presentations, negotiations, emailing, report writing, for example.

Key Facts and Example Courses

  • Hours a week: 30 hours or to client specification
  • Number of students: Client specification. Maximum 12 students per class
  • Minimum student age: 18 years +
  • Course materials: All provided
  • Facilities: Free use of College Facilities
  • Excursions: Client specification. See Excursions for examples.
  • Pricing: Please contact us for group pricing

Course Options

General Business English

To improve general English ability to a high level of professionalism
The aims of the program are: 

  • to develop skills for confident communication in a range of business situations and settings
  • to introduce and expand on language structures for communicating with clients and personnel professionally and appropriately
  • to provide controlled and freer speaking practice opportunities in networking, meetings,  negotiations and telephone calls
  • to practice and develop business writing skills in emails, memos, letters and reports
  • to broaden skills in analyzing, interpreting and describing data
  • to develop skills in preparing and delivering a presentation

Assessment: Formats will vary depending on skills tested but include; role-play, discussion, oral presentation and written compositions
Content Areas: General Business English
Course time: 30 hours/week
Example Timetable: Business Course Example

Customer Service Programme

To improve customer service with a high level of professionalism

The aims of the program are:

  • to build confidence when dealing with native speakers of English
  • to introduce and expand on appropriate language structures when dealing with a customer to maintain a high level of professionalism
  • to improve fluency, intonation and tone of voice to sound helpful and sincere
  • to improve accuracy to create customer confidence
  • to provide controlled and free practice opportunities in the form of role-plays to apply skills

Assessment: Format will primarily be through role plays at end of each unit and at end of course.
Content Areas: Customer Service
Course time: 30 hours/week
Example Timetable: Customer Service Example Timetable

Presentations and Conferencing

To improve key English academic and business skills for preparing and delivering a conference presentation and networking

The aims of the program are:

  • to define the purpose of a presentation while considering audience
  • to develop skills for writing a clear and attractive conference proposal
  • to broaden understanding of planning, structuring and writing a presentation
  • to introduce and expand upon language used in presentations
  • to practice and develop skills in voice projection, using visual aids, body language and audience participation
  • to develop skills in fielding and answering questions
  • to build confidence and professionalism, and manage nerves through consistent and monitored presentation practice
  • to provide controlled and freer speaking practice opportunities for meeting peers when networking

Assessment: Formative and summative, based on written work and spoken presentations
Content Areas: English for presentations and conference attendance
Course time: 30 hours/week
Example Timetable: Presentations and Conferencing Timetable