Our Experience Education: School Immersion programme lets students get right to the heart of UK education. Students will visit a local UK school to experience lessons as they happen in local schools. Each student will be partnered with a ‘buddy’ and follow the school’s timetable of lessons and break times, for a true experience of life and learning at an English school.

school immersion

For groups of students aged 11 – 17 years, we can provide school integration days with one of our local partner schools. The group will be asked to share a piece of their cultural background through presentations or performances for a shared cross-cultural experience. 

Time spent in the partner school can be varied dependent on request. This will be intermingled with language lessons taken on-site at Chaucer College. 

Our school integration days provide students with the opportunity to study specific school subjects as well as build lifelong friendships with students from England.

course summary:

Your summer adventure awaits!