Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate

  • Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate
  • Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate
  • Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate
  • Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate
  • Group Focus – A Week in Spring at Chaucer College Kingsgate

Here we focus on a small group of Italian students who visited our Kingsgate college in March and have a look at what they got up to during their week long stay.

This group consisted of thirty-three students, all between thirteen and fourteen years old. All of the students were residential at the college and stayed for six nights in early March. They opted for our standard one-week programme; made up of 15-hours tuition, one half day trip and one full-day trip. Our one-week programmes are a good option for anyone seeking both a rich cultural and learning experience.


After completing our in-house placement test shortly after arrival, students were sorted into levelled classes and lessons began at 9:00am sharp on the first day.

Morning lessons are divided across a three-hour time slot – lesson 1, 09:00 – 10:30 and lesson 2, 11:00 – 12:30. In the first lesson, emphasis lays with presenting and practising new language that is appropriately challenging for the students at their respective ability level. The second lesson then turns towards ’using’ the language through projects, group work and peer-to-peer interaction.

Continuing language input into the afternoon, the students then went onto complete our Great British Quiz in the afternoon.

At Chaucer College we focus not only on developing students’ linguistic ability but also on finding and building on other skills and abilities. In the case of our focus group, students spent their first evening acquainting themselves with djembe drums under the careful guidance of our expert drumming instructor, Richard.

DAY 2 

Developing social confidence is a key principle behind what we do at Chaucer College. To this end, our carefully designed activity programme continually fosters teamwork and student-to-student collaboration.

After an intensive morning in the classroom, Day 2 saw our focus group first working together to design and create an outfit for the catwalk in the afternoon and then competing in small groups to complete our famous egg drop challenge in the evening.

DAY 3 

Day 3 was trip day for our group. With a range of options on offer – London, Cambridge, Oxford or Brighton – trip days are often the highlight of our programme.

Our focus group opted to spend the day in London. Starting with a cruise along the River Thames, our dedicated trip staff guided the group to Westminster Abbey, through Whitehall and the Horse Guards, and then into St James’ Park for lunch. From there they went to the gates of Buckingham Palace before finishing the tour at Trafalgar Square. There was, of course, also plenty of shopping time around Piccadilly Circus.

DAY 4 

Always looking to explore alternative avenues of English language learning, drama classes are a consistent feature of our programmes. We are very fortunate to have a local English teacher and drama expert, and on Day 4 the students spent the afternoon honing their acting skills. After a solid day of English, the group unwound in the evening with a night of fun games and team challenges.


Day 5 was the group’s half-day trip day and following a morning of intensive tuition it was straight onto the coach and off to Canterbury. After a tour of the key sites, the group visited Canterbury Cathedral to learn about the story of Thomas Beckett. From there the students had plenty of free time to explore everything the bustling city has to offer. The day was rounded off with our Bridge Building competition in the evening.


Day 6 was departure day for our group. Not flying until later in the afternoon, students took the chance to be taken to the award winning beach within 10-minutes walking distance of the college. After lunch, the students then celebrated their graduation after a week of hard work and dedication.