Spanish Group visit to Ashford school

A group of 12 and 13 year old students from  northern Spain, with their two Chaucer College teachers and three group leaders, visited Norton Knatchbull Grammar School in Ashford. There they took part in lessons – English, Computer Studies, Geography, Maths, Science and even an outdoor hockey game in the freezing temperatures(!) – and in break times chatted in both Spanish and English to their British counterparts.

The Spanish children really enjoyed themselves and had a fantastic day. They were able to compare the British and Spanish school systems and found many similarities as well as a few differences. For example, Spanish pupils don’t generally wear uniforms – although they thought the Norton Knatchbull uniform was very smart, they said they preferred to wear casual clothes to school. Also, they were surprised at every classroom having an interactive whiteboard, which is not the case in Spain.

Halfway into the morning, the Spanish students gave mini-presentations on their hometown and school to two Year 7 tutor groups in Assembly. As this was the first time they had given a presentation it provided an invaluable experience for these youngsters from Leon.

All in all, they had such an amazing time at the school that a whole hour in class was spent reporting back to their Chaucer College teacher about it – telling her how interesting and how much fun it was!!